Auspex History

Auspex has been delivering SCADA systems on time and within budget since 1985 starting with our first SCADA product RCS-7/Plus. Our latest product, RCS-7/Linux provides a compact and stable platform for a wide variety of SCADA applications. If you are looking for that million dollar plus system with missed schedules, cost overruns, and unstable operation then don't call us. If we can't do it on-time, at the quoted price and meet or exceed specifications, we will not do it

The RCS-7 line of SCADA products line started in 1977 on three networked PDP-11/34s for an electric utility. Since then the RCS-7 SCADA product has been used in solar power generation, electrical power transmission and distribution, hydroelectric dams, oil and gas production, oil, gas and water pipelines, steel and aluminum mills, beverage plants, water and waste water plants, ship loading and unloading systems, nationwide communication systems(400,000+ status points) and railroad control systems.

The goal of the original design was to develop a core SCADA product with applications that could easily be maintained and configured. The SCADA API was required to be independent of the operating system and CPU platform. A bonus of this approach is that by using the API internally many of the SCADA functions are also O/S and CPU independent, simplifying porting process to numerous platforms. The end result is am extremely robust and small footprint SCADA system. Generally applications developed using the RCS-7 API can be easily ported to any later release.

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